☽☾NEW ABC-Faeroes Pony-Sleipnir☽☾

Ready for some adventure? Need a small but fierce traveling companion? Well look no further than the ABC Mainstore, as we bring to you Sleipnir, the newest pony to our collection! Painted and prepped to set sail these little berserkers are ready to conquer your hearts!

✰ Coat, Eyes & Mane pass ONLY through the bloodline ✰
Breed: Faeroes_Pony
Coat: Sleipnir
Eye: Sleipnir
Mane: Hunters Braid
Race: Flat
L$6000 Per Pony
Random Male or Female


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Something to consider that struck us all, in the 1960’s the Faroes Pony was at a noted population of 5. One stallion and four mares, which were bred then to prevent them from becoming extinct. They are currently said to have around 90 in the population. Wow!


A pretty detailed history on these little guys
A very informative video, regarding just how rare this pony is

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