★ABC Winter Crown Cup 2022 Winners★

ABC recently held its annual Winter Crown Cup! Two thrilling steeplechase races that were exciting to watch and kept everyone on the edge of their seats and 125,000L up for grabs in each race. Congratulations to the Winners of the ABC Winter Crown Cup 2022 and to the qualifiers!
Pony Steeplechase QL5
WIN: HF Landslide Owner: Rebekah Exonar Jockey: RebelJockey Resident
PLACE: TS – Sacripante Owner: venera74 Resident Jockey: Draco Nacht
SHOW: HF Moon River Owner: Rebekah Exonar Jockey: Charlotte5517 Resident
Horse Steeplechase QL5
WIN: AwA Midnight Flyer Owner: Kei Saito Jockey: Kei Saito
PLACE: NL Pouncy Boozin Owner: Theodore Nacht  Jockey: Theodore Nacht
SHOW: HF Javelin Owner: Rebekah Exonar Jockey: RebelJockey Resident
Fishing Tournament Winners
1st Place: Zaque Hexem   2nd Place: Hannah Carrasco
  3rd Place: SophiaElizabethMartin Resident
Mule Decorating Contest Winners
1st Place: Laycie Pearl   2nd Place: Suzy Silverweb   3rd Place: Zaque Hexem
Year of the Tiger Box Horse Raffle Winners:
venera74 Resident
MissVERSACI Resident
Charlotte5517 Resident
Cuter Than Cupid Box Pony Raffle Winners:
Christopher Nova
Damien Tatham
RhythmC Resident

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