★ ABC Winter 2022 Crown Cup ★

It’s time… THE ABC Winter 2022 Crown Cup featuring the Steeple Horse QL5 and the Pony Steeple QL5 is here. ABC would like to congratulate the following horses/ponies and their owners for qualifying! The qualifiers will compete for 125,000L purse for each Crown Cup race!


This is THE event all the owners and Jockey’s have been working so hard to qualify for so make certain to save the date! Also don’t forget there is always the ‘Post-Race Party’ to celebrate all the winners and qualifiers.


The ABC Winter 2022 Crown Cup will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2022 @ 1pm SLT at the ABC Track. See you at the races!
The qualifiers are (in no particular order):
♞ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Shake Rattle
♘ Alexis Lerner / HAH High Stepper
♞ Rebekah Exonar / HF Brazen
♘ Theodore Nacht / NL Pouncy Boozin
♞ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Ms Demeanor
♘ Alexis Lerner / HAH Nooo Picnic
♞ Rebekah Exonar / HF Javelin
♘ Kei Saito / AwA Midnight Flyer
♞ venera74 Resident / TS-W.A. Jupiter
♘ Kei Saito / AwA Clarion Call
The qualifiers are (in no particular order):
♞ venera74 Resident / TS-Gran Finale
♘ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Buckaroo
♞ Alexis Lerner / HAH Steeple Star
♘ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Sunyside
♞Kei Saito / AwA Cry Havoc
♘ Kei Saito / AwA Cream on Top
♞ Alexis Lerner / HAH Lucky Charm
♘ Rebekah Exonar / HF Landslide
♞ Rebekah Exonar / HF Moon River
♘ venera74 Resident / TS-Sacripante

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