★ ABC 2023 Winter Crown Cup Qualifiers ★

It’s time… THE ABC 2023 Winter Crown Cup featuring the Pony Cart QL4 and the Horse Sprint QL4 is here! ABC would like to extend our sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the following Ponies and Horses and their Owners for qualifying. The qualifiers will compete for L$125,000 each race!
The Winter Crown Cup race, with party following, will be held on February 18 @ 1pm SLT on the ABC Track. Well done ABC Racing community!
The qualifiers are (in no particular order)
♞Sprint Horse QL4 Qualifiers♞
♞ venera74 Resident / TS – Ballroom Blitz
♘ Draco Nacht / NL Frida Kahlo
♞ xdx Resident / TS – Merlino
♘ xdx Resident TS – Vittoria
♞ kazoo Cooljoke / SMR Spprint 4
♘ Finne1969 Resident / Beths Nightmare
♞ JadeEast Resident ~American Idol~
♘ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Conium
♞ Zillah Drake / HF Mahogany
♘ venera74 Resident / TS – Not a Face in the Crowd
♞Pony Cart QL4 Qualifiers♞
♞Draco Nacht / NL Whoosh Simone
♘ Theodore Nacht / NL Whooshy Black Star
♞ xdx Resident / TS – Gattuccio
♘ Theodore Nach / NL Whooshy Ambrose
♞ Kei Saito / TXB Gray Garnet
♘ Draco Nacht / NL Whooshy Lynda
♞ venera74 Resident / TXB Gray Sunshine and Ranbows
♘ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Arki
♞ Johnnyvegas77 Resident / IMF Carfer
♘ kazoo Cooljoke / SMR Cartio 4
**OWNERS** Owners will need to submit your Jockey and Silk Info as soon as possible to ღƤɑɱĕļɑ ŁIMIŦƧღ (Pammiejean Resident).
**HORSES THAT ARE PETS**You will need to contact ღƤɑɱĕļɑ ŁIMIŦƧღ (Pammiejean Resident) as soon as possible to make sure that your horses are Race Ready (this takes a bit of time so don’t wait).


See in world notice for a copy of the notecard you need to submit.

See you at the Races!

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