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Starting on Thursdays we have 4 days packed full of adrenaline causing racing… great for participants and spectators.
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Auctions are where it is at! If you are breeding and selling or just trying to see what is going on in the market and community… Go visit and see what is happening, meet some new friends, and see all the amazing horses and ponies for sell… you will not be disappointed.


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We have a fun way of learning through a level up game for the ABC Products. Through activities, purchases, breeds, etc. you can earn badges, points, coins, and prizes.

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Francesco Smadga – ABC Customer of the Month Nov 2015


ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations‘ first Customer of the Month, Fancesco Smadga (aka Frank), is more than an inspiration but is genuine in all that he does. We thought it would be great to get to know him better. He is much more than a great host in the ABC Main Group Chat with coffee and breakfast, but he is also very gracious and humble.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Sadoc “Doc” Rajal

Quote: Frank has got to be one of the most genuine helpful members of the ABC family and has been instrumental in aiding my efforts to become a leading silk maker in ABC. Frank, even when he deserves it, refuses to take anything in return for his generosity. ~ Sadoc “Doc” Rajal

This is no surprise to some but if you don’t know Frank you should definitely reach out to him and say hello. You will be greeted and invited into his circle of friends and be treated like family.

Quote: Frank is really sweet, very kind, generous and welcoming to new breeders! Always just a very positive member of the community. ~Mur’la

Ja Baxton

Quote: I’ve only known Frank for about a month. He is always friendly in chat and very entertaining. ~ Ja Baxton

Frank has been breeding ABC Horses for approximately 3 years. When the ponies were released he jumped in and started breeding them as well. He lives on a homestead with his family, where his private stable is named S-D and has been cultivating his herd to get the best lineage possible. Anyone that knows Frank knows he has a deep affection for his line of Arabians (he chuckles when he is asked about it). He does dabble in other breeds and is currently working on project with the amazing Bashkir Horses.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Hagit42 Resident

Quote: Frank was the “Father of the Bride” for my wedding ~Hagit42 resident

The horse and pony shows are another avenue that Frank utilizes to show his amazing breeding skills. It takes dedication and breeding knowledge, along with many combinations to breed a show horse or pony. He is very thankful to the organizers of the shows, as they are dedicated to providing a venue for breeders to showcase the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations horses and ponies.

When Frank is not breeding and devising his next breeding move, he is exploring SL with his family either sailing or fishing. Frank is very proud of his daughters and enjoys the time spent with them.

We asked him what his favorite thing about ABC is, of course other than his amazing Arabians, he said the highlight of his day is the daily engagement in the ABC Main Chat Group, serving up daily goodies and sharing his love of ABC horses and ponies with his family and Friends.

Quote: I personally think you couldn’t have chosen a better recipient for this award many people in the ABC family owe him a great debt of gratitude weather for his morning chat amusements or actual help through the sharing of his herd or by sharing his vast bank of knowledge and encouragement. ~Sadoc “Doc” Rajal

Frank is a pillar of the ABC Community and a fantastic representation of the first ABC Customer of the Month. Everyone we spoke to could not say enough about his kindness, eagerness to help, and being the first to comment or say way to go on new foals! Not to mention sharing his knowledge with anyone that needs assistance.

Congratulations Frank on being our first ABC Customer of the Month!


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life…

ABC Launches New Breeding Logic Seminar


The first ABC Breeding Logic Seminars Launched…

It has taken approximately a year of researching information from the community and developers to bring this seminar to fruition.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
What is an ABC Starter?

The ABC Community welcomed this seminar with open arms and were openly engaged. The information provided was delivered in several mediums… verbally, visually, and discussion.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC Community participate in first Breeding Logic Seminar

ABC will be having be adding the seminar to their schedule. Space is limited to 20 people for each session! You do need to register for the class. You can register by going to choosing the “Classes & Seminars” button at the bottom of the front page of the website! Sign up today!

Here is what is coming up…

Wednesday, we’ll be putting out a raffle board (no cost to enter) for a 2015 Easter Carousel Stand. If you missed them when they were first released, now is the time for try and get one! We’ll be announcing the winner in the minutes leading up to the races for the ABC 2015 Spring Crown Cup! (Must be present to win.) So get yourself entered, then get to the Crown Cup on April 18th (5pm SLT) to find out who will win a FREE 2015 Easter Carousel Limited Collectors Edition Stand!

Don’t forget to register for races on Thursday and the auction on Friday!! (No auction on Saturday; only the Crown Cup race for races on Saturday.) Jockey Class and Auctioneer Class will be as announced; there will be no ABC’s of ABC Horses & Ponies on Friday, April 17th.

Immediately following the race on Saturday will be our Celebration Party for the ABC 2015 Spring Crown Cup! We’re having a Spring garden party, so wear that favorite sundress, Ascot-inspired dress or tuxedo, or just come prepared to have a good time as DJ “da monkey” (Kazoo) spins two hours of non-stop tunes for a great time of dancing and laugher! Races start promptly at 5 pm SLT (April 18) at the ABC Auction House & Track. We’ll put the link to the party location in the near by chat window and in the main chat group the day of the party. Join us for a great time!!

ABC : From the Horses Mouth

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations Managers
Gabe and Dynla, ABC VSR Managers

Straight talk from the ABC VSR Managers, Dyla Salubria and Gabe Yazimoto

Today we will talk about how to use Range on your horses and ponies!

Range is a setting on your horse and pony that will determine several things. You will find the Range setting if you click your horse/pony for a menu. The Range will be listed on the first menu window. Range is measured in meters.

Range is calculated from the center mass of the horse/pony, which means, the very middle of its stomach. It is not counted from the outer reach of the horse, such as the head, nose, or behind, but always from the center of the body.

To change the Range on your horse/pony, stand within talking distance (20 meters) from your animal and click for a menu, then Settings->Set Range. Then type a value between 1 and 50 in local chat and hit enter. The horse will confirm the new setting in local chat. If it does not confirm it, try moving closer.

The most important thing to know about Range is that it is the distance from which the horse/pony can reach its food. Example: If the Range of the horse/pony is 10 meters, then the food shell needs to be within 10 meters of the horse/pony. That also applies to consumables.

Range also determines what horses/ponies your horse/pony can mate with. Any potential mates need to be standing within the Range of your horse/pony or the mating will fail.

Lastly, Range determines how far your horse/pony will wander if you set motion on. It will move out from the Home Point/rez point, the same distance as the Range is set to.

The VSR Managers recommend that you never drop your horse/pony’s Range below the default, which is 10 meters. With a Range below 10 meters, the likelihood of the horse/pony not being able to reach the food is a lot higher and can cause issues, such as sick or dead horses/ponies. Example: If you set your horse/pony’s Range to 2 meters, the food shell needs to be almost underneath the horse/pony in order for the horse/pony to be able to eat from it.

Here are some examples of Range-related issues and probable solutions:

Issue: My horse will not eat from the food that it is set to. I own both the food and the horse. The horse became sick and I bought a medkit for it, but it will not take the medkit either. I have re-rezzed the horse.

Solution: It sounds like the horse has a very low Range set. If the Range is set to 5 or lower, the food shells and consumables shells need to be rezzed very very close to the horse to work. Try increasing the range of the horse, or move the shell closer.

Issue: I try to change the Range of my horse from 10 to 30 meters, but after I type ’30’ into local chat, nothing happens.

Solution: You might be standing too far away from the horse. The horse can only ‘hear’ you if you stand closer than 20 meters. Try moving closer to your horse and try again.

Issue: I am trying to mate my two ponies, but I am getting the message ‘Mating pony is not within the range’.

Solution: One or both of the ponies has a Range set that doesn’t reach the other pony. Check the Range settings on both ponies and make sure that they can reach each other.
That’s all for this time!


ABC : Taking the Mystery out of Reserve Bids at Auction

The Gavel with the Auction Manager

ABC - Awesome Breed Creation
Fern Sabre ABC Auction Manager

What is this Reserve Bid choice when you register your horse for a Licensed ABC Auction?! Do you choose a Starting Bid or Reserve Bid?

There is no magic formula to determine if you should use one or the other, however if you have an amazing horse that you believe is worth a certain amount, you might want to use a Reserve Bid.

That triple 100 with amazing vanity traits or an especially rare coat may be worth quite a lot. If you believe it is worth $L10,000 and use a Starting Bid of $L5,000 you may only sell it for $L5,000.

Instead you decide to use a Starting Bid of $L10,000 only to find that sticker-shock has descended over the buyers resulting in a future sale!

So….the answer is a Reserve Bid!

Entering $L10,000 in the Reserve Bid section of the auction registration will alert the auctioneer this needs to be handled a bit differently than a starting bid.

An auctioneer will determine an appropriate starting bid such as $L3,000. This amount will not result in sticker shock and will get the ball rolling! Starting at a lower opening price encourages people to bid and most often results in bid wars that may surpass the $L10,000 Reserve.  Typically the Reserve Bid amount is never disclosed to the buyers.

Reserve Bids allows you sell a valuable horse or pony for what you believe it is worth and protects you from selling it for too little.  This also helps the market by not underselling a valuable horse!

Fern Sabre, ABC Auction Manager

Visit the ABC Website for more Auction Information

ABC : Plugged In w/the Chief of Media Relations – Bullying… Stalking… Griefing… UNACCEPTABLE

Infinity "Snow" Breil, ABC Chief of Media Relations
Infinity Breil, ABC Chief of Media Relations

Bullying… Stalking… Griefing… UNACCEPTABLE

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations has been putting their managers out there to the community… tasked with creating an article about topics that will assist the community with tips and tricks, informational resources and how to’s in relation to their departments, products, and/or areas of expertise.

These articles usually look at the upbeat side of ABC and Second Life (SL), but recently we have been tackling some issues that not only affect our online presence but our real lives. Specifically… bullying, stalking and / or griefing. This is the dark side of an online presences, virtual world environment and is growing in popularity. It is almost becoming acceptable and a game…the thing is… it is NOT acceptable and should NOT be looked at as fun or a game. Which is a very harsh reality and when faced with it, many do not know where to turn or what to do.

ABC has had to deal with these topics more and more lately and we find we are giving out information and links as to where to go and what to do… along with trying to follow Linden Labs (LL) TOS. The Linden Lab TOS outlines what options are available to you and it is not always fast moving or has a resolution that the person being bullied, stalked or griefed is expecting. In most cases this is due to the fact that they do not have enough information (evidence) to have action taken by Linden Lab. Linden Lab is doing the best that they can, the same as “we” ABC are when faced with these situations.

Bullying, Stalking, and Griefing usually falls under the Linden Lab jurisdiction as it is in their virtual world and as a Company operating in Second Life, ABC follows their lead and direction of how these actions are handled. However ABC will investigate and take action where appropriate if the actions are breaking our EULA, Terms and Guidelines/Rules for any of our products, services, events, etc. that is provided by ABC. We look at each individual case as it is presented and determines if it is with in the scope of ABC’s domain.

If you, a member of the ABC Community feel that we should be involved due to it being in relation to our “company business” then we ask that you put in a support ticket. We will assess the information provided and determine if ABC has grounds to get involved.

One thing we all agree on… is that Bullying, Stalking, and/or Griefing is unacceptable in any form and should not be tolerated by the person receiving it and we need to stand up as a community (on line, virtual world, cyber in any form) and make it unacceptable.

We know as a company we will not be able to solve all issues or be able to take care of all cases as some do not fall with us but stay within the Linden Labs TOS. But we can provide you the ABC Community with some tools and resources to help.

Here are some things that you can do if you are being Bullied, Stalked, and/or Griefed




Here are some articles/tools online that are a “good” read (granted some of this information most of you will be familiar with by just being “on line”):

Warning Cyber Bullying in Second life (Mail Online)

SL Enquirer Articles on Bullying

Adult Bullying

There are also many Facebook pages dedicated to this topic for support and education (too many to list).

Lets set an example… Lets stop the bullying/stalking/griefing… Make it known that it is not “acceptable” behavior… Stand up for the person being attacked…

Stop the Bullying/Stalking/Griefing