Updates for Jockey’s

A few items have changed since we have started offering Jockey classes to the public. This notice is covering these items. If you are still uncertain about a change please feel free to stop by any Jockey class to get updated on these new procedures.

    The Sled races will be run one at a time. During each stop you must change the weight of your sled and wait for the Official to confirm that the weight has been changed and instruct you to proceed.

    After finishing a race proceed past the finish line and “carefully” merge to the outside lane of the track, stopping between the Judges Tower and Gate B.

    Wait for instructions from the official to place your horse into “cool-down”

    Wait for instruction from the official to pick up your horse and leave the track. If you should pick up your horse before instructed you will be disqualified.

    You must wait to be called to the Paddock for your race in the “Jockey Club” group. If you show up on the track without being called to the track you will be ejected. If you are ejected 2 times you will be banned and DQ’d from any other races during that event.

   Always follow the directions of the officials while on the track.
Also help the Horse Owners prevent DQ’s at entry…

   Remind them to list THEIR SL Name NOT the horses name.

   Remind them to list YOUR name spelled correctly.

   Remind them to list their silks NUMBER on the registration.

These few reminders should help to make sure that your mount isn’t DQ’d before you even get to the gate.

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