Suggest a theme for 2022 Vanity Fair Horse Show

Comment below to suggest your own favourite theme for 2022 Vanity Fair Horse Show. Suggestions must be made by December 15th, after which we will open voting for the top 12.

Theme Suggestion

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49 entries.
Alisha Zhong Alisha Zhong
Board Games/Games example Monopoly Chutes and Ladders, Clue, Dominoes, Trivial Pursuit ect
Remember When... Things that relate to the entrants childhood
Kalabrie Allstar Kalabrie Allstar
My Song!
Vibrat0 Resident Vibrat0 Resident
Muppets And Monsters
Xi Daji Xi Daji
Pirate/ High Seas
Asian Odyssey
Greek Odyssey
Xi Daji Xi Daji
Forest Scribe Forest Scribe
European Country
The future world
0rco 0rco
Anti _ Heroes (The bad guys we all love)
Storm Amarock Storm Amarock
1. Winter Wonderland
2. Valentines love and hope
3. No theme just your imagination
4. Stay in your box, more of a every event suggestion.
5. May flowers
6. Formal affair
7. Creatures of the night
Kalabrie Allstar Kalabrie Allstar
Astrid Lindgren´s World - Pipi, Emil, Madita, Karlson and friends
Kalabrie Allstar Kalabrie Allstar
Come to the dark side...
Kalabrie Allstar Kalabrie Allstar
Pretty in pink
Ellie (ElleriaLynxis) Ellie (ElleriaLynxis)
1) Pirates & Princesses
2) Ode to Animation(Cartoons/comics)
3) The Force(Starwars)
4) Arabian Nights
5) Classic Monsters
6) Fantasy
7) Jurassic World
Minty Minty
4. A Space Odyssey
Minty Minty
1. Masquarade Ball
2.. Spots and Stripes
3. Animal Kingdom
5. World Cultures
6. Alter Egos (your own)
7. Music Mania
8. A Pirates Life
9. After Dark (Adult Event)
10.Myths and Magic
Knights and Maidens
KaylinAthalar Resident KaylinAthalar Resident
Doctor Who
0rco 0rco
0rco 0rco
Tales From The Crypt
0rco 0rco
Magical Middle Earth
0rco 0rco
National Costumes Of The World

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