RainyDayze Resident – ABC Customer of the Month March 2017

Congratulations RainyDayze Resident for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations March Customer of the Month.


Quote: It is truly an honor to be chosen, though I do what I do out of love for the horses and the community. ~ RainyDayze Resident


RainyDayze is the personification of what being an active and remarkable member of the ABC Community is. Always there, assisting whenever possible, the first person to step forward to pass on her knowledge of ABC and just when you think that she has given her all, she is right there volunteering to call an auction or answer questions when people need help.

Quote: I’ve known Rain for over 2 years. I met her at Dixieland Auction Yard when she started out auctioning. Rain is a kind and dedicated soul, whenever a friend needs help, she’s always there ready and willing to do whatever’s necessary. ~ gigihuff Resident



Lovingly known as Rain, she has been in Second Life for over 8 years and has made some amazing friends. This is not her first round of breedables. She has toyed with all kinds of breedables…even FISH! or…and PLANTS… but since breeding the ABC horses… Rain has been devoted to the ABC breedables.

Quote: Rain is one of the sweetest people I know, and I say that on a very serious note. She would give you the shirt off her back, and only hope for a smile in return. She’s always looking to help anyone and everyone, welcoming new people, and giving the best tips to new ABCers. If you are having an issue Rain is the first to help, and that is not just for ABC topics. She’s a true friend, being there no matter what when you need someone to lend an ear and be brutally honest. ~ Snow Alchemi

The Orlov Trotters, Hanoverians, and Lipizzaners have a special place in her heart. Her breeding skills in these breeds is known by her peers and she is sought out for stock to build strong breed lines.

Quote: People sometimes say someone would do anything for anybody…. well often that only partly true, not when you are talking about Rain… She not only would, and does, she does it modestly and quietly. Nothing is ever too much and even though she has a very busy life she will always find time. A true diamond and sweet funny energetic girl! ~ RockingHorse555 Resident


Rain has many memories of ABC, but her favorite is anything surrounding Auctions. She is a master auctioneer… a consummate professional… leads by example with grace and style. Her exemplary research of the breedables, keeping a close eye on the market and what the trends are, she is able to connect sellers and buyers with details that enhance and identify the possibilities for their breeding.

Quote: My biggest memories are really a blend… when auctioning together her humor and fun literally got me to points where I had real trouble calling the next horse… and THAT got me into another teasing session for not calling quick enough… all in fun 🙂 ~ RockingHorse555 Resident

Quote: When I first started in ABC with auctions I was ready to give up before really even starting and then I found Dixieland and Rain. Rain not only welcomed me with open arms she gave me so much advice, tips, and ideas that I felt confidant in breeding and selling. She inspired me to be an auctioneer, and gave me a new love for ABC I didn’t know I even had. ~ Snow Alchemi

Auctioning has been a passion and a goal for Rain, to make the market viable and fun for everyone. She takes every opportunity to spread the excitement she feels for selling and getting people involved in being auctioneers or assisting new auction house owners with learning the business. She does not have clients… she has friends and family.

Quote: I feel very lucky that on a whim one Saturday I went to Auctioneer class… and there met and started to work with Rain…. not sure she has recovered from having me as an auction partner yet… I am just glad I am lucky enough to call her my friend. ~ RockingHorse555 Resident


Outside of her breeding with the ABC Breedables she enjoys the art of dancing. She has danced in Gor, for Elysium, and currently for the Mynx Ballet Company. She also enjoys all the different themes and gets into character for the many events. Rain is quick to promote and participate, by finding the perfect outfit or persona for each event or activity.

Quote: There are lots of memories of Rain that stand out but my favorites are of Rain, Snow, and I sitting around up in the office or down on the SIM in some random spot, or in the Dixieland Auction Yard… Talking and sharing news about our day, or getting ready for upcoming themes by going through several demos together until we found the right outfit. Kinda like the one Earth Day or any of the many themes. We decided to be the elements… Snow was fire, Rain was wind, Fern was water, and I was earth. The themes are so much fun and Rain is a real sport and will do anything including dressing up as a Christmas Tree or bat… ~ gigihuff Resident

Rain is known for her loyalty and fierce friendship. She is caring and loving and stands by her friends. This extends to people that she meets for the first time or someone she has known for many year. When the community speaks of their contact with her, they rave about her undying support, humor, fun, and spirit!

Quote: Rain has always been kind, helpful, clear and professional in her dealings with me and others that I have observed.  I am not always an easy person to deal with in that I expect a certain amount of respect and professionalism in all of my dealings in RL and SL.  But Rain has stood out as someone I would be proud and honored to deal with, or work with, on any level. ~ kassandragirl Resident

The greatest part of being in Second Life is the community. Interacting, making friends and being part of a group with a common goal and realizing the potential we all have with the ABC Breedables. Rain is an advocate and mentor for new comers to ABC. She will give away horses or ponies and teach them how to get started and provide them with their first pair of breedables to play with. On top of her generosity she will also reach out to see how things are going and if there are questions. This is evident in the loyalty that she receives.


Quote: Rain amazes me with her knowledge of horses. Once when I was questioning her whether to buy a horse, Rain jumped in to help with my decision by doing a check of the background of the horse.  She always offers help, knowledge and her skills whenever needed. ~ 123Rocky Resident


Many of her peers consider Rain one of the best parts of the ABC Community especially in difficult times. We heard so many say how she helped them through trials and life events. Creating a safe haven for anyone that needed a confidential ear to just listen or provide wise guidance, with positive feedback and no judgement.


Quote: I remember her support through past difficulties, how she counseled me, stood beside me and helped me make it through one of the hardest times in my life. She never failed to be there if i needed a friend and if I was gone too long she hunted me down. ~ belinastregina Resident



Rain is a bright light in all she touches and a perfect example of what this acknowledgement represents as Customer of the Month. She is humble, modest, and does not realize her impact as part of the ABC Community.


Congratulations RainyDayze… you are an inspiration among the ABC Community.


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life

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