NEW Spring Blossom 2022 Starters With A Twist!

800L each
Breed these two together and you will have a chance to get one of 6 Spring Flower 2022 Special Starters! Yes, there is a chance you can get another starter out of these starters!
But wait there is more!
Breed 2 Spring Flower 2022 Starters for a chance at getting a Legendary Pottok Pony!
✧ No need to purchase a new set each time, you can keep breeding these over and over.
✧ Female Pony Coat & Eye: Cherry Blossom/Spring 2022 Cherry Blossom
✧ Male Pony Coat & Eye: Forget Me Not/Spring 2022 Forget Me Not
✧ Coats, Eye, Mane & Tail on the Spring Blossom & Spring Flower 2022 DO NOT pass.
✧ These Starters will Pet-Out at age 141
✧ You cannot Insta-Pet these ponies.


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