NEW ABC – Cottontail 2021 Gacha Starters

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a… Cottontail 2021!
What did you think we were going to say… Superman?

We are introducing the Cottontail 2021 Gacha Starters just in time for some spring fever, some Easter celebrations and just good times ahead. Get one, get them all, fill your barns and green meadows with your favorites. While you’re at it, don’t forget to breed them together to get a special foal from each pairing!

• New Cottontail 2021 Starters in a gacha with 7 gorgeous coats.
• Mate 2 Cottontail 2021 Starters to get the special foal with a one time special coat & eye!
• Each Cottontail 2021 will only produce 1 special Cottontail foal.
• Additional breedings will pull from the gene pool like “normal” starters.
• Coats & Eyes on the Cottontail 2021 Starters do NOT pass.
• Cottontail 2021 Starters will Pet-Out at age 141.

Each one will be L$800 (there will be one vendor for male and one for female).

Click Here to Teleport to the Main Store!

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