Muzzy Daxter – ABC Customer of the Month May 2016

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Congratulations Muzzy Daxter for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations May Customer of the Month.

Let’s talk about Muzzy!!! A fun loving, energetic, and ardent supporter of ABC Breedables. He joined the ABC Community of Breeders in December 2015. He had dabbled in other breedables but has had more fun with ABC and all the activities and camaraderie of the community. Not to mention the quality is matched by no other breedable.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: He supports new people at auctions by showing them how things work and purchasing their horses at times. At auction he will bid on a horse for what he feels it is worth , at times that is much higher than what the starting bid is, he strives to keep the market stable. ~ Anacharis Resident


Quote: My favorite breed is mule because you cant breed them 😛 ~ Muzzy Daxter

ABC - Awesome Breed CreationsOne of Muzzy’s favorite moments with ABC was when he took his mule to Race Track and challenged the Jockey’s to a race against his mule with their trained race horses. No one took on the challenge.

Quote: I think they were scared that I may win. ~ Muzzy Daxter

Muzzy is really all about his mules, while talking to xXBYTEXx Resident about any funny stories he would like to share. He was quick to talk about Muzzy and his mule.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: When we had show class for ABC Horses, everyone brought a horses, and Muzzy showed up with his mule. Then he was diligently trying to adjust the saddle on his mule, and of course it did not fit properly as it is for a horse not a mule… (laughs). ~ xXBYTEXx Resident


A common theme amongst his fellow breeders and community is that he is always available to help and his unorthodox approach to breeding.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Quote: Experiments… He loves to experiment with breeding… lots of experiments [GRINS] ~ Francesco Smadga


Frank also said that he is never boring and he is very loyal and an inspiration to the ABC Community.

For the last 5 months Muzzy has focused on his breeding and being part of the ABC Community… it is like a family to him.

Quote: Muzzy is absolutely passionate about ABC and their horses and ponies.  He loves it so much he refers many people to ABC and involves them.  He doesn’t have a clique, he welcomes us all and answers any questions with knowledge and his own special sense of humor. ~ Anacharis Resident

Congratulations Muzzy you are a bright light among the ABC Community.


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life…

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