Minyah Resident – ABC Customer of the Month November 2016

ABC - Awesome Breed Creaations

Congratulations Minyah Resident for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations November Customer of the Month.

Amongst the ABC Community and staff, Minyah has an exemplary reputation that proceeds her. Even if you do not know her personally, she comes up in conversation for assistance and friendliness. Not to mention her presence in the ABC chat group.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creaations


Quote: I think she deserves to be costumer of the month. And I know she is honored to be chosen. She has helped me a lot with my horses. And she has given me lots of good advice.~ Camchaza Pearl


We caught up with Minyah and asked her what it meant to be chosen as one of ABC’s Customer of the Month recipients. The thing that struck us was how humble she was.

Quote: I am honored and very proud and happy to be chosen 🙂 ABC is very important to me so this means a lot. ~ Minyah Resident

Minyah is known for her bubbly personality and willingness to help others when ever the need arises.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creaations


Quote: Minyah is a good friend, someone you can trust and very easy to get along with. She is always glad to lend a hand and help others especially when it comes to the ABC horses. ~ Linda Zenoria


ABC - Awesome Breed CreaationsMinyah says she leads a quiet life in Second Life (SL) with her horses and ponies. Which resonated with everyone we spoke to in the community. In her low key way she has impacted many people without even trying, as it is in her nature. Some of her SL interests include concerts, dancing, and exploring on horse back whenever possible.

Quote: I started breeding ABC horses a looong time ago, in sl time 🙂 It’s more than 3 years now at least. I was exploring a sim when I saw some beautiful horses standing there, looking almost real. After some research I found out it was the ABC’s. ~ Minyah Resident

ABC - Awesome Breed CreaationsPercheron’s are her favorite horses to breed. Even with her favorite being percheron’s, she also likes suffolk, irish sport and marwari breeds. The dartmoor and the exmoor ponies have also caught her eye.

Quote: To be honest, there’s so many lovely breeds out there. My favorite riding horse is a black barb. ~ Minyah Resident

A few of her greatest moment in ABC have been when her percheron qualified for the ABC Crown Cup and winning the ABC Classic All-Breed Pony Show.

Quote: Her honesty, integrity, treating friends how they should be treated, great personality. ~ Linda Zenoria 

In her quiet unassuming way, Minyah shines among her peers. She enjoys a good laugh with her friends and enjoys helping and passing on her love for the ABC breedables and the community.

Congratulations Minyah… you are an inspiration among the ABC Community.


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life

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