Kya Munster – ABC Customer of the Month March 2019

Congratulations for Kya Munster being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations March 2019 Customer of the Month.

Kya is well known in the community for having a big heart and sweetest dispositions. With out hesitation she is there to help with information, guidance, or just pointing people in the right direction.

She adores her breedables and tries to make the experience amazing for her SL daughter. They share a camaraderie with trying new things and engaging the community with them on their ABC journey.

Kya participates in the community and events across ABC and is always spreading the word of all things ABC. The best part is her willingness to learn and figure out how to apply the knowledge.

ABC has a remarkable community member and it is great having Kya in the ABC Community.

Congratulations Kya… you are an inspiration among the ABC Community.


Once per month one of our most outstanding ABC – Awesome Breed Creations Customers will be selected as the Customer of the Month. With this title you will have your picture placed in the ABC Main Shop. You will be awarded a special ABC Quest Badge in honor of being such a wonderful customer. You will also get to pick out 1 select prize pack!

Prize Pack Options :

– 4 pack of alfalfa & 2 passion gel

– 4 pack of salt & 1 med-kit

– 4 pack of hay & 1 nursing kit

– 2 Male Starter Horse & 2 Female Starter Horse (NO hay or salt included)

– 2 Male Starter Pony & 2 Female Starter Pony (NO hay or salt included)

Examples of what we will be looking for in the selection of our ABC Customer of the Month. Be kind to others, be helpful, polite, courteous and never be afraid to make someone smile!

You must also BE a member of the ABC Main Group & have a pick in your Second Life profile featuring ABC – Awesome Breed Creations.

We look forward to celebrating you all, and can’t wait to select our very first ABC Customer of the Month!

***Note: If you are chosen as the ABC Customer of the Month and you accept you are giving ABC permission to use your name and image for ABC Social Media and in Second Life to promote ABC in its advertising and promotions (not limited to)***


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