Jazzieminne Resident – ABC Customer of the Month September 2018

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Jazzieminne Resident was chosen as the ABC Customer of the Month due to her kind and motivated  personality. Her enthusiasm and encouragement in the ABC Community and around the grid has made her a shining star among her peers.

Jazzie’s is a true racing enthusiast. She attends as many races as possible, encouraging and cheering on the jockey’s. Her breeding for racing is well known throughout the community.

Everyone that meets her is enriched by her easy going personality and enjoy spending time with her. Jazzie is a loyal friend and truly enjoys helping out with whatever is needed.

Congratulations Jazzieminne… you are an inspiration among the ABC Community. ABeeseeuers, make sure to reach out to congratulate her!


How to be the next ABC Customer of the Month!

Once per month one of our most outstanding customers will be selected as the customer of the month. With this title you will have your picture placed in the main store. You will be awarded a special badge in honor of being such a wonderful customer. You will also get to pick out 1 select prize pack!

Prize Pack Options :

– 4 pack of alfalfa & 2 passion gel

– 4 pack of salt & 1 med-kit

– 4 pack of hay & 1 nursing kit

– 2 Male Starter Horse & 2 Female Starter Horse (NO hay or salt included)

– 2 Male Starter Pony & 2 Female Starter Pony (NO hay or salt included)

Examples of what we will be looking for in the selection of our Customer of the Month. Be kind to others, be helpful, polite, courteous and never be afraid to make someone smile!

You must also BE a member of the ABC Main Group & have a pick in your Second Life profile featuring Awesome Breed Creations.

We look forward to celebrating you all, and can’t wait to select our next Customer of the Month!


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil