Elysium Cabaret – Celebrating ABC 2019 Summer Crown Cup

Tonight Elysium Cabaret put on a spectacular show!

In true dazzling fashion the show opened up with a the first act having a futuristic number. Synchronized moves and a stunning set the tone for the show.

The creative talent that was brought together for this program was outstanding in every aspect of their performance.

The audience was taken on a journey of elegant gardens and flowing movement that peaked the senses.

The choreography was expressive and inventive. Showcasing the beauty of the sets with their movement in sync with the music selected for each piece.

The audience could not be contained as they traveled on their journey with the performers. Gasps of joy and cheers filled the venue as they were awed by each subsequent act.

The Elysium choreographers continued to stun the audience. Collectively putting on a show that left everyone wanting more.

The venue’s sets were artistic and transported you into the fantasy. Each creating a mood for the performers to show their interpretation of dance.

Beauty at every turn with the dancers incorporating their movements into the incredible design as one vision.

The finale was truly phenomenal. Using illusion and lighting the dancer appeared to be a glowing form of wispy lights. Flowing seamlessly across the stage. Then transforming into a solid form and using their light to turn dark into light.

Elysium Cabaret productions are filled with top performances and choreography that is in an elite group in Second Life.

Our Crown Cup Races are a culmination of a season filled with hard work, breeding, training, and qualifying for the main event. Having the Elysium Cabaret as part of the week of events is a highlight for the ABC Community.

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