Crown Cup & Racing Seasons

The owners of ABC are pleased to make the following announcement to the ABC Group.  We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring 2 major racing events each year.  To prepare for these events, we will be breaking each year into “seasons”.

Jan, Feb and Mar will be the ABC Spring season
Apr, May and Jun will be the ABC Summer season
The Spring season and the Summer season winners will compete for the Spring/Summer Crown Cup.

Jul, Aug and Sept will be the ABC Fall season
Oct, Nov and Dec will be the ABC Winter season
The Fall season and the Winter season winners will compete for the Fall/Winter Crown Cup.

For example, we’ll use the Spring/Summer Seasons’ events:  When one season ends and another begins, ABC will review the racing stats and determine two very important things:

1) Which 5 horses ran the fastest races during that season.
2) Which 5 horses won the most races during that season.

These 10 horses will be qualified to enter their season’s preliminary race to try and qualify for the BIG race of the Spring/Summer season, the Spring/Summer Crown Cup race.  The Semi-final races and the semi-annual Crown Cup race will be scheduled at the end of the Summer season.  At that time, the 10 fastest horses from the combined Semi-final races will compete in the Crown cup race.  The winner of that race will win title to the Spring/Summer Crown Cup.  All this will be repeated for the Fall/Winter season horses and will give title to the Fall/Winter Crown Cup.  Thus, there will be 2 Crown Cup races and winners each year.

We know that some qualified horses will cross the racing age threshold or become pets while waiting to participate.  Therefore, we are currently developing a plan that will allow your qualified horse to still be available and able to enter in these exciting events.  Additional information will be shared with you very soon.  Stay tuned to future notices for further information.

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