Congratulations Josh Ryder (oxRagex)Winner of the ABC Create A Pony Contest – Highlander!

This Create A Pony Contest was truly a tough challenge and took a very long time to get the right combination. Josh stuck with it and kept trying different combinations till he got all of the items required.

Josh has won the grand prize of 15,000Ls and 200 Quest Coins for the following:

Breed: Highland_Pony
Coat: Blue Tartan
Eye: Dragon
Mane: Up
Tail: Long
Face Marking: Right Mask
Leg Marking: Stocking_Stocking

ONLY 1 Winner for Lvl 5, but you can still submit for the lower levels!


✪ Anyone can complete Levels 1-4 (this is not repeatable). Only 1 Winner for Level 5 and the quest will be over.
✪ To receive credit you must file a ticket with your Pony ID and which level you are trying to complete.
✪ No Pets.
✪ If there are multiples entries for Level 5, the deciding factor will be the time stamp on the ticket and Pony ID.
✪ Contest will run until someone wins with all traits in the pony.

LvL 1 Breed, Coat, + One Trait-Badge
LvL 2 Breed, Coat, + Two Traits-Badge
LvL 3 Breed, Coat, + Three Traits-Badge & 10 coins
LvL 4 Breed, Coat, + Four Traits-Badge & 20 coins

Make sure to submit a ticket for the lower levels!

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