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Congratulations Bluedsteel Resident (aka Dan) for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations February Customer of the Month.

The ABC Customer of the Month is an honor awarded to one of the ABC Community members that goes above and beyond in their assistance, interaction, and passion for all that is ABC – Awesome Breed Creations. Bluedsteel not only exceeded in these areas, he also had an enthusiasm that was hard to match for racing. While steadfast in his advocacy and education for anyone that was interested, he did it in such away that showed how much he loved the racing program and made everyone feel like they were family.

The ABC Community, friends, and family were surprised and saddened to hear that Bluedsteel lost his long fight with an overwhelming illness in January 27, 2017. Those in his inner circle knew he was sick, but even among them, few knew how serious it was. That is who he was… cheerful, full of life, and participating in what he loved with little complaint as to is illness… Strength, conviction, and enjoying life.

Bludedsteel was brought into Second Life by a friend in real life and they began breeding the ABC horses.

ABC - Awesome Breed CreationsQUOTE: I knew Dan for many years, we met in an AOL music chat room. We met in person when he made the trip from his home in Minnesota to my home in Nebraska. We had a wonderful time while he was here. We went for a lovely dinner and spent the next two days just getting to know each other, He was the sweetest man I have ever met. I brought him into Second Life and we partnered and spent the last 3 years of his life together doing our ABC horses. He loved country music and was a DJ in my saloon. He loved racing ABC horses and making jockey silks for everyone. ~ Abby Forstwych

When he was not racing or helping others with racing he enjoyed playing Greedy, participating in ABC events/quests, and hanging with his friends. Between races he was the life of the grandstands. Talking strategies and racing stories with his fellow racing enthusiasts.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: I used to call him affectionately “Dan da Man”….was easy goin’, supportive, and humble….with a great sense of humor……a kind man. ~Lanz134 Resident



Bluedsteel also was an ABC Auctioneer. A natural, with all his experience racing, breeding, and market knowledge, the community brought him their treasured horses and ponies to auction. His friends said that it was hard for him to give up auctioning when he became ill. It was another avenue for him to be able to share his knowledge. He was respected and looked up to by his fellow Auctioneers and Auction Houses.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: When Dan offers you his friendship he means it.  He will stand by you through thick and thin!



The community had unending stories about Bluedsteel and their interactions with him. Most filled with laughter and amazing memories that truly captured his spirit and essence.

ABC - Awesome Breed CreationsQuote: Dan loved sprint races. I wanted to try steeplechase, which Dan had never tried… after time and some persuading he agreed to give it a go and so we had our very first steeple race together. Well…. we were all over the place… within a few seconds everyone else was way ahead and there was me and Dan, zig zag jumping over the jumps trying to stay in control… we spent more time riding along the rail and banging into each other than going in a straight line. I am not sure either of us made a jump without penalty. We finally finished and yes we are both competitive and he beat me to the finish line by a whisker… he never let me forget. That happened about a year ago and we would often talk and laugh about it… That race was the most fun I have ever had in SL and I literally had tears of laughter running down my face at the end of it! If you back check Steeple races you will find that Dan became quite the expert at them… but like I said Sprint and Paints his first love and he was the man to beat! ~ RockingHorse555 Resident

He introduced racing to so many and inspired them to aspire to achieve the ultimate accolades of participating in the ABC Crown Cups. Whether it was by breeding, training, owning, or being a jockey he helped anyone that showed an interest. He was absolutely elated when others grew in their racing and breeding achievements. That showed his humble nature and mentoring!

Quote: Dan was a beast in sprints, and with the practice he put in with Small Flats he was a respected adversary. You know Dan was a hard worker and had passion for sprints and small flats….so much so that we asked Dan to ride for us in the Pony Crown Cups and when he accepted we were honored. ~Lanz134 Resident

Bluedsteel will always be in our hearts and remembered for his generous spirit, love for racing, his laughter and for making us laugh with him. He was an ambassador of good will and inspiration among the ABC Community… he will be missed and remembered.

We wanted to remember Bluedsteel with memories, stories, and farewells from the community and staff a testament to his legacy…


I met Dan on December 25, 2014 Christmas day, while I was working as a VSR. We both  had a passion for ABC horse racing and would chat about it often. He was a jockey for me occasionally and was a good one. He always told me he had fun after a race, whether he won or not.  We’d talk of how it was all about the fun of racing. It was a joy to have him race for me.

I remember how often, during my shift working as VSR, he would set out an extra Arabian horse at the track for anyone to try out, while he was running laps.  He loved riding the Arabians and wanted others to experience the enjoyment he felt, as well. He’d put a message in group chat about it. Some would take him up on the offer, at times, and have so much fun riding the fastest of ABC race horses at the track with him. He was a special man and good friend. He will be missed.

~ Petra Xaris


Honesty… Generous… Thoughtful… Loving kind to a fault…

One of A Kind !!!

~ Abby Forstwych


Dan was a very kind and caring man who was passionate about racing, and helping anyone with an interested in racing get started and giving them information.  On race days, one could always hear him talking and laughing in between races.  He will be sorely missed.

~ Mysticstorm1967 Resident


Dan’s generosity stands out, and I don’t mean lindens – though he would give you his last – his generosity of spirit, his kindness his wisdom his calm thoughtfulness. He was a person you never had to wonder how he is, he was always Dan… no matter what was going on with him in his life… he was… is… a true gentleman.

Sigh…. he never told me how bad his illness was, typical Dan, so his passing came as a real shock to me and as I write this I feel the loss of him, one of my SL lights went out when we lost him.

Some people forget, or don’t realise, that there are real people behind the pixels with real feelings and emotions… this medium accelerates getting to know people, especially if voice is used. Dan was a true friend and mentor…. and I remember him in particular every time I race on my alt…. I am lucky enough to have a reminder – The silks I wear were designed and made by Dan… down to the little rocking horse between the rocker horse with a guitar on my back. What did he take from me for the design and making of the silks? Nothing of course, he wouldn’t entertain  it – we passed horses back and forth but he would not take a single linden… THAT is Dan!

I miss my mate, his ambition was to win a Crown Cup Final…. If I ever do it will only be because of Dan, without him I wouldn’t be racing…. so Lanz et all, you are stuck with me until I win that CC final… so expect me to be around a LONG time.

~ RockingHorse555 Resident


Dan was a true horseman, just because… he loved his horses.  Yes, they are pixel and prim horses, but he had the horse spirit to his very core.  He was helpful to newbies in racing and encouraged them to practice at ABC.  Dan never seemed to have a cross word for anyone in group or on the track.   He will be missed in our ABC horse world, but as each of us mounts a horse to practice or run a race, Dan’s spirit will be riding with us.  I know that Dan has already taken over the Cloud Ranch and is training all the horses as we speak, just because…Fly high, Dan!

~ Annie Hancroft


Dan was always helpful to everyone and kind. He loved the racing program and would try to get people out on the track late nights to race against him for fun! Dan was responsible for many laughs in the grandstands at the track and in chat! He also owned Bourbon Creek Auction House with his partner. Dan, you will be missed buddy! Rest in Peace. You will not be forgotten <3

~ Kazoo CoolJoke


Please feel free to add memories, stories and thoughts to the comments… we know that Bluedsteel moved many and we would love to hear from you!


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