Andromeda Winterwolf – ABC Customer of the Month May 2017

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Congratulations Andromeda Winterwolf for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations May Customer of the Month.

Andromeda was an easy choice for this award and her peers were ecstatic with the announcement for the Customer of the Month.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


QUOTE: I had a hard time believing it at first… had to double check but made my day… heck made my whole month, ABC is one my favorite pass times so I am excited ^.^ ~ Andromeda Winterwolf


Andromeda adds a little bit “extra” to everyone’s path she crosses. They all agree that she always has something interesting and insightful to say. She is wildly fun and is quick on the draw in the ABC Main Chat Group to assist someone with their questions.

She is upbeat and positive in all that she does and contributes to the ABC Community. But Andromeda describes herself as a quiet person in real life and second life. She loves riding and hanging out with other Aybeeseeurs. She does it for the pleasure and the challenge of picking traits and then breeding till she accomplishes her goals.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: I remember about a year ago, we were chatting about our new foals when she said “I’m going to put those eyes on every single horse I get!”, so she did, she set her mind and she got foals with those eyes (though I can’t remember what they were). ~ Hagit42 Resident


Andromeda started the ABC breedables shortly after their release. She remembers the first ABC store… it looked like “real” feed store but it has changed over years. As a veteran, she remembers her very first group of horses… she was so excited and held a vigil waiting for her first foal to drop (rez), then it promptly fell over dead (stillborns were the original population control). Andromeda was glad the mules replaced that aspect. So she has been part of the ABC Community since the early days.

The breeds she is drawn to are the Drums and Vanners, but she found the Brabant to be her new favorite.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: I love big horses! If I ever race… the bigger horses, I don’t have to worry about turns on the track! ~ Andromeda Winterwolf



ABC was not her first breedable, she dabbled in racing dodo’s but was quick to say the horses are better and so realistic.

Her determination and breeding skills are widely known throughout the Second Life grid. She is highly respected and her breeding line is sought after by many experienced breeders.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: Andromeda is a dedicated, cheerful and knowledgeable breeder, which shows in her sales. As a pillar of the community and forthright in her dealings she is considered one of the top breeders in the ABC program. *Wink Wink* *Grins*… she is plotting also the world domination with Arabian horses. ~ Francesco Smadga


Everyone agree’s that her kind heart and willingness to help others shows in the way she jumps in to help new people to get into ABC and start breeding.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations


Quote: She was one of the first to offer her help to my husband and me, when we got into ABC… she put out a pair of starter horses that she bred and then gave the babies to us to use or sell. ~DAndra Cheslav



Andromeda is known for her sweet nature and kind heart. She is quick to assist and cheer on her fellow ABeeseeuers not just in words but in her actions.

Congratulations Andromeda Winterwolf… you are an inspiration among the ABC Community.


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