ABC Zebra Grants 2020 Gacha Starters

What makes our Zebra Grants gacha starters different you ask? Well first, they come in 8 great coats to win! Second and maybe even more exciting, when you breed a Zebra Grants 2020 starter with any horse breed (excluding Kaiila), you will have a chance to get a unique species of equine. This can happen several times over the breeding life of a Zebra Grants 2020 starter’s life. The unique offspring will NOT pass its breed, coat or skills, but can pass eyes, mane, tail, leg and face markings. Also, at the end of their life cycle, Zebra Grants starter will pet out instead of auto-CR like our “normal” starters do.

So, to recap:
• New Zebra Grants 2020 designer starters in a Gacha with 8 Stunning coats!
• Mate any Zebra Grants 2020 starter + Any horse breed = potential to breed a unique species of equine!
• All other breeding will pull from the gene pool like a “normal” starter + generational horse.
• Each breeding has a chance to produce a special equine foal.
• Zebra Grants 2020 designer starters will Pet-Out at age 141.
• Breed, Coats, & Skills will not pass from the unique species of equine.
• Currently breeding a Zebra Grants Starter with a Kaiila CAN produce the new equine.

✰ Zebras Grants Starters can produce more than one unique baby during its breeding time.

Each one will be L$800 (there will be one vendor for male and one for female).

Gacha Vendors Located at the ABC Main Shop, Click To Teleport!

Have FUN & Happy Breeding!

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