~ABC New Years 2023~

We are closing out this year in STYLE!!
We’ve got 3 shimmery ways to close out this year, with 2 New Year 2023 Statues and 1 combo pack! And to make this set have even more shine.. We’ve got a price deal to keep some coins jingling in your pocket!!
500L Each
750L For Both!!
Each Statue comes No Mod / No Copy / Yes Trans – so you can give them as gifts and keep a couple for yourself.
Come on down to the main shop and get your horses and ponies their ever fashionable New Year’s Party Hat or Top Hat!!! Both have exciting New Years Decorations on them and are perfect for any party! So Hurry up on down just 50L$ each and You’ll Need one for each horse and Pony to wear and show their stellar fashion sense!

Click Here To Teleport

Happy New Year!!!

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