ABC New Cloud Ranch Horses – HERA & ZEUS


⊰℧⊱Introducing HERA and ZEUS⊰℧⊱

The New ABC Cloud Ranch Horses

HERA – American Saddlebred

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC New Cloud Ranch Horse ~ Hera

The American Saddlebred is a horse breed from the United States. Descended from riding-type horses bred at the time of the American Revolution. Developed into its modern type in Kentucky, it was once known as the “Kentucky Saddler”, and used extensively as an officer’s mount in the American Civil War.

ZEUS – Suffolk Punch

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC New Cloud Ranch Horse ~ Zeus

The Suffolk Punch, also historically known as the Suffolk Horse or Suffolk Sorrel, is an English breed of draught horse. The breed takes the first part of its name from the county of Suffolk in East Anglia, and the name “Punch” from its solid appearance and strength. It is a heavy draught horse which is always chestnut in color, traditionally spelled “chesnut” by the breed registries. Suffolk Punches are known as good doers, and tend to have energetic gaits.

Race Info:

HERA – Large Flat
ZEUS – Sled & Jousting


Coat – does NOT pass
Mane, Tail, & Eyes – WILL pass
Breed – WILL pass

You will be able to get Hera and Zeus in the the Cloud Ranch vendors at the ABC Main Shop and Satellite locations for 75000 coupons.

***Utilize the ABC Satellite Locations – this will help distribute traffic and shorter lines***


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