ABC – New Bumble Bee Shaggy Mini Pony

Bzzzz Bzzzz…. Bzzzz Bzzzz… Psssst, did you hear what all the buzz is about?

A little flash of yellow, a little dash of black, a pair of cute antenna… and a stripe or two at that!
Rolling fields of green, flowers of orange and blue…

Friendly little Bumble Bee’s for me and you!

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations is so happy to present the next in our line of Mini Ponies. You’ve seen the Sunshine and Rainbows, the Ducky and the Chicky. You’ve even seen a cute little Leprechaun. But NOW we are bringing out the most adorable shaggy buzzers ever!

It’s cute, it’s small, it’s fuzzy and ready to take your barnyard by flight!

Breed: Shaggy_Mini_Pony
Coat: Bumble Bee
Eye: Bumble Bee
Mane: Roached
Tail: Bun
Race: Cart

Hurry on down to Awesome Breed Creations Main Store to get a Bumble Bee of your very own for just 6000L$ – Coat, Eye and Accessories can only pass through the bloodlines… and good luck getting this song out of your head!

I’m… bringing home a baby bumble BEE!
Wont my Mommy be so proud of me!
Ooooh I’m bringing home a baby bumble BEE!
AWWW! It hugged me! ( Cuz – Nobody likes to be stung )

Vendors Located at the ABC Main Shop, Click To Teleport!

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