ABC Liebe Blume 2019 Release Valentines

Love is in the air… what is the perfect way to show your special someone your love… by giving them a Valentine Liebe Blume Horse!

Today the ABC Valentine Liebe Blume 2019 was released. The coat is a work of art and will be a collectible among the ABC Community.

~ 6000Ls each
~ 1 Random Male or Female
~ Coat and eye can only be passed in the bloodline
Available at the ABC Main Shop

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Coat: Liebe Blume 2019
Eye: Liebe Blume 2019
Race: Large Flat

Happy Valentines Day!

The Spotted Saddle Horse is a horse breed from the United States that was developed by crossing Spanish-American type gaited pinto ponies with gaited horse breeds, such as the Tennessee Walking Horse. The result was a colorful, smooth-gaited horse, used in the show ring and for pleasure and trail riding. The Spotted Saddle Horse is a light riding horse, always pinto in color. They always perform an ambling gait, rather than a trot, in addition to the gaits of walk and canter, performed by all breeds.


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