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Straight talk from the ABC VSR Managers, Dyla Salubria and Gabe Yazimoto

Today we will talk about how to use Range on your horses and ponies!

Range is a setting on your horse and pony that will determine several things. You will find the Range setting if you click your horse/pony for a menu. The Range will be listed on the first menu window. Range is measured in meters.

Range is calculated from the center mass of the horse/pony, which means, the very middle of its stomach. It is not counted from the outer reach of the horse, such as the head, nose, or behind, but always from the center of the body.

To change the Range on your horse/pony, stand within talking distance (20 meters) from your animal and click for a menu, then Settings->Set Range. Then type a value between 1 and 50 in local chat and hit enter. The horse will confirm the new setting in local chat. If it does not confirm it, try moving closer.

The most important thing to know about Range is that it is the distance from which the horse/pony can reach its food. Example: If the Range of the horse/pony is 10 meters, then the food shell needs to be within 10 meters of the horse/pony. That also applies to consumables.

Range also determines what horses/ponies your horse/pony can mate with. Any potential mates need to be standing within the Range of your horse/pony or the mating will fail.

Lastly, Range determines how far your horse/pony will wander if you set motion on. It will move out from the Home Point/rez point, the same distance as the Range is set to.

The VSR Managers recommend that you never drop your horse/pony’s Range below the default, which is 10 meters. With a Range below 10 meters, the likelihood of the horse/pony not being able to reach the food is a lot higher and can cause issues, such as sick or dead horses/ponies. Example: If you set your horse/pony’s Range to 2 meters, the food shell needs to be almost underneath the horse/pony in order for the horse/pony to be able to eat from it.

Here are some examples of Range-related issues and probable solutions:

Issue: My horse will not eat from the food that it is set to. I own both the food and the horse. The horse became sick and I bought a medkit for it, but it will not take the medkit either. I have re-rezzed the horse.

Solution: It sounds like the horse has a very low Range set. If the Range is set to 5 or lower, the food shells and consumables shells need to be rezzed very very close to the horse to work. Try increasing the range of the horse, or move the shell closer.

Issue: I try to change the Range of my horse from 10 to 30 meters, but after I type ’30’ into local chat, nothing happens.

Solution: You might be standing too far away from the horse. The horse can only ‘hear’ you if you stand closer than 20 meters. Try moving closer to your horse and try again.

Issue: I am trying to mate my two ponies, but I am getting the message ‘Mating pony is not within the range’.

Solution: One or both of the ponies has a Range set that doesn’t reach the other pony. Check the Range settings on both ponies and make sure that they can reach each other.
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