ABC Crown Cup… What does it take?

What is it all about?

The ABC Racing Program is an integral part of the ABC community. The Program contains two seasons with two Crown Cups a year, which has two races consisting of one pony and one horse.

Winning a Crown Cup puts the owners and jockeys among the few and elite that have been able to achieve qualifying and winning the race. Along with this they also get an amazing purse and a prestigious place in history.

During this years crown cup we followed a few of the owners and jockeys around to see what life is like during Crown Cup Week.

There are many hours of diligent strategizing and figuring out everything, from breeding the right stack of traits to finding the right jockey combination with the horse or pony.

The jockeys, who also can be the owner, meet up on the track and discuss what the next steps will be in their training programs. One very important factor is how the jockeys and breedables react while on the track with other riders. They get experienced in this area by running in the general season races every week. Then they meet up with other jockeys on the track to also hone their skills. This includes getting out of the gate quickly, how to maneuver if you get bunched up, and also when to make “the move”.

All the participants say the comoradary that comes with being part of the racing program is one of the greater perks. Not just with the fellow participants but also with the ABC Community and the ABC Race Authority (RA). This type of bond can only be attained by going through this together… Sharing the moments!

Many times you will find the owners and jockeys in the grandstands discussing options and helping each other work out issues that have been a challenge for them. The RA is always around to help out with putting out the right equipment to assist in the training.

The RA is very passionate and a diligent in their positions to maintain the highest level of integrity during the race. When they are off, they still give their time and assistance where it is needed. This could be through jockey classes or hands on training. They want everyone to have the opportunity to increase their skills and run the best possible race.

Months and hours are spent meticulously reviewing and adjusting the rider and horse/pony to find the best way in obtaining the highest standards in their performance on race day. But it is not just during Crown Cup, you must qualify first.

There are two seasons in ABC racing, Summer and Winter. Everyone racing in the general racing events has the opportunity to snag that coveted race time that will get a spot in the Crown Cup. Every week they are racing at top levels and pushing it to the limits in order to pass the current “fastest” time. Going through different scenarios to gain experience for any situation that could possibly knock them out of the race. DQ’s are not uncommon and you have to strategize to keep them at bay.

Many have asked… why do it? It is not for the faint of heart! They love it! Everyone has this glint in their eye when they are talking about racing, strategizing, breeding for the next line of racers. You can feel the enthusiasm, fire, and energy in the air around them. It is infectious…

What an outstanding way to have fun in Second Life? Come experience it! Racing is every Thursday 5 pm pacific, Friday 5 pm pacific, and double headers on Saturday and Sunday 1 pm and 5 pm pacific time.

You will not be disappointed!


If you would like more information on the races, becoming an owner, or a jockey,  or working for the ABC Race Authority… contact Ƥɑɱĕļɑ ÐƐIÐ ( Pammiejean )

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