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ABC Celebrates the Holidays by Honoring the Team!

As the years go by, achievements accomplished, weathering storms, and celebrations abound, the staff works diligently like elves in the background quietly making everything happen and spreading cheer as they do. Always efficient and happily doing their best to make sure that operations run smoothly, clients have a smile on their face, and helping out their co-workers.

There is no question of the talented, dedicated, and skilled staff that keep things moving. Their contributions are invaluable to ABC’s success. ABC wanted to do something special and show the team how much they are appreciated and give them a chance to be the honored guests at an event designed for them. A time to relax, dance, and look back on the year and be proud of all the their work.

Every team member received recognition… certificates, trophies, consumables, and much more were given awarded. Laughter and fun was in the air as everyone was called up to receive their awards. Those that could not be present were acknowledged and will receive their rewards as soon as possible.

Meet the team:

Alysisa Resident

Arya Erin

Bonita Denimore

Buca0000 Resident

Caelaen Resident

Dynla Salubria

Eyslin Fraina

Fern Sabre

Hadley Hoxley

Hadrian Dragovar

Infinity Breil

JakeDeid Resident

kazoo Cooljoke

Krystal Silverweb

Liltygar Resident

Lucky Sheryffe

Luckystrike Maven

Mavirvk Wingtips

Mystic Glenwalker

MysticStorm1967 Resident

Nahtasha Uriza

Nikki Detritus

Pammiejean Resident

PetraXariss Resident

RainyDayze Resident

Saphear Saunders

Sidwg Resident

Tammy Durant

Tyssen Laville

Sentire Bravin

Stephanie Merrienboer

Here’s to an astounding team that goes above and beyond everyday… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil