ABC Celebrates The 2014 Summer Crown Cup, Charity Auction Raises 75,000L$, & Events

ABC 2014 Summer Crown Cup week was filled with events and fun!

The Charity Auction Raised 75,000L$ ($302.00) for Toys for Tots

Bring Us Your Worst Auction 1

Bring Us Your Worst Auction 2

Bring Us Your Worst Auction 3

Winners of the Stall Decorating Contest

CATEGORY: WOW! That’s Bad! (Best Fits Theme) (1st place)

Stall 17: Geno Lupindo
CATEGORY: What Were They Thinking? (Judge’s Selection) (2nd place)
Stall 19: Owen & Gypsy Vedrina
CATEGORY: I’ve Seen Worse, But … (3rd place)

Stall 13: Lynn (Cutitta) Saxondale

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Toys For Tots Charity Auctioneers: Acheron, Kazoo and Nahtasha

The week also had a fun evening of entertainment provided by


The next ABC Crown Cup will be in October…

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil