ABC – 9th Anniversary 2020 Horse & Globes

What we’ve all been waiting for… ABC’s 9th Anniversary 2020! In celebration, we are introducing a brand new Horse!


Spooky! Ethereal! Absolutely stunning… wait till you feast your eyes on this lovely new addition to ABC.

★ 6000L$ per Horse
★ Random Male or Female

Breed: Abyssinian
Coat: Anniversary 2020
Eye: Anniversary 2020
Race: Large Flat

The Anniversary 2020 coat and eye can only pass through the bloodline.

✧・゚: ✧・゚: ABC :・゚✧:・゚✧

Whether you’ve been with us for the full 9 years or you’re brand spanking new, we bring to you a collection of the most beautiful Globes celebrating each of our Anniversary releases. Timelessly kept, they celebrate our longevity as not only a company, but a beautiful community.

Make them big enough to decorate your yard or small enough to sit on a shelf, you really can’t go wrong with these cherished memories!

★ 250L$ per Gacha Pull


★ 6000L$ for the Full Set of all 9!

Each Gacha Globe comes No Mod / No Copy / Yes Trans – so you can give them as gifts and keep a couple for yourself.

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