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ABC 8th Anniversary Horse Now Available

When ABC Started we had a simple goal – ABC – Awesome Breed Creations is based on a simple concept … breedables that are “believable”. Early on it was recognized to achieve this you need some key components. One is a phenomenal Artistic Team and the other was a Veterinarian Advisor to stay as close to the RL breeds as possible in SL. Take this and pair it with a Business Plan and Product Development Vision, and Development Team… a unique breedable company was formed to withstand SL’s every changing environment.”

It has been 8 years since the first horse was born on the grid. There have been leaps and bounds in the creation of the ABC Horse Breedable. We can look back on all the extraordinary developments that have made ABC one of the top breedable companies in Second Life. From adding ponies, kaiila’s, specialty coats, eyes, and the horse breed list grown exponential from our 9 breeds we started with. That original goal was met and has since grown into dreaming even bigger!

To mark an amazing 8 years, ABC 2019 Anniversary Horse showcases all the team work of a company that has strived for excellence. The new horse is available in the ABC Main Shop:

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Breed: Poitevin
Race: Sled
L$6000 per horse
Random Male or Female

The Anniversary 2019 coat, eyes, mane, and tail can only pass through the bloodline.

The future is bright and we are ready to bring our community more superb products and innovation. Thank you to our remarkable community for joining us on this journey!

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