ABC – 4th of July 2020

Hey ABC, lets break out those broad stripes and bright stars! Just in time for the 4th of July – ABC brings out our Red, White, and Blues in the form of a Limited Edition Stars and Stripes Carousel Stand!

Each Limited Edition ABC – Stars and Stripes Carousel Stand 2020 – Horse is a replica of our Stars and Stripes Holsteiner and are individually numbered, both on the stand and on the box. Included in each stand is a resize menu with 5 pre-programed sizes ranging from Full size to Teeny, so they will look great on display anywhere in your home.

★ 750L$ per Collectible (Only 75 to be sold!)

As an Independence Day bonus, ABC will give a 4-pack of Alfalfa to whoever ends up with Stands #1, #14, and #75 on the day the sale ends. Just file a ticket using the ABC Support system and have a VSR verify Your stand number to claim your bonus!

✧・゚: ✧・゚: ABC :・゚✧:・゚✧

You didn’t think that was all did you? Heck no! We bring to you 2 of the most stunning statues yet. Stars and Stripes all the way with posed statues that inspire fanfare, fun and a little flag to for these darling horses to wave proudly in the air!
Not only that but a brand new Globe in theme with our Stars and Stripes Celebration… stars on, stars off… lots of stars… or maybe only a few! You decide!!

Lets hear it ABC for the Red, White, and Blue… loaded with flags, stars horses and happiness! Three phenomenal ways to decorate in celebration for the 4th of July. They can be bought separately or… OR… as a set special with a very special price too!

★ 500L$ per Statue I or II
★ 500L$ per Globe
★ 1000L$ for the Full Set of all 3!

Each Statue/Globe comes No Mod / No Copy / Yes Trans – so you can give them as gifts and keep a couple for yourself.

The Displays of the Statues and Globe in the main store are the vendors, just right click and buy.

Teleport to ABC Main Shop Here!

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