ABC 2019 Winter Crown Cup and After Party

ABC recently held its annual Winter Crown Cup! Two amazing races that were thrilling to watch and kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Congratulations to the Winners of the ABC 2019 Winter Crown Cup and to the qualifiers!

PONY CROWN CUP – Pony Steeplechase QL 4

Pony: Solstice Bee Dazzled
Jockey: JessaAlt Resident
Owner: Jessa Alberti

Pony: NL Pounce Perjury Trap
Jockey: Draco Nacht
Owner: Draco Nacht

Pony: AwA Dragon Threat
Jockey: FlyingFeathers Resident
Owner: Feather Fallen

HORSE CROWN CUP – Thoroughbred QL 5

Horse: J Perseverance ~RS~
Jockey: RacingRea Resident
Owner: reachtail Resident

Horse: HF Secret Weapon
Jockey: JessaAlt Resident
Owner: Rebekah Exonar

Horse: ~WW~ Zomo Grand Duke The Third
Jockey: Kei Saito
Owner: wileysworld Resident

Once the races had been called and congratulations passed around… the participants went to the Winners Circle to get their official photographs taken. The owners, jockeys and staff had a great time laughing and enjoying the moment.

While the owners and jockeys were getting their photo’s taken, the spectators were donning their best Super Hero or Villain costumes for the After Party. Everyone was ready to celebrate and dance the night away with their fellow Aybeeseeurs.

DJ Wingtips started the party off with his sensational tunes. Getting the crowd in a festive mood. Energetic and pumping up the crowd is always the first order of business for DJ Wingtips! He is a mastermind at keeping everyone moving and having a good time.

Aybeeseeurs came out in style and very creative with their costumes. They added to the atmosphere of the venue.

Darcul Bellic, ABC Co-Owner, joined the community and congratulated the Crown Cup Winners and all the qualifiers. The ABC Racing Program is one of ABC’s premiere events and has won acclaim across Second Life.

The revelry went on into the wee hours of the night. DJ Wingtips kept the tunes coming, taking requests, and bringing the dance moves.

At the end of the day there was a feeling of accomplishment and a successful racing season.

Now we are into the next racing season and getting ready for the Summer Crown Cup. Start entering the general races and getting those racing times that get a spot in the crown cup. You could be the next winner of the Crown Cup and earn a spot in ABC history.

A super day at the races!

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