ABC 2016 Fall Crown Cup Winner – LA Decembers Child

Congratulations to the Winner of the ABC 2016 Fall Crown Cup!

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

The race was not disappointing. The jockeys were fighting hard for their spot and making their move. Some were thwarted and forced to be daring to gain ground. When the dust cleared it was LA Decembers Child that crossed the finish line and claimed the race. LA Decembers Child’s owner is Nikita626 Resident and jockeyed by Mickie Ditko. Mickie had a field of experienced jockey’s to navigate and maneuver through to victory.

Horse: LA  Decembers Child
Jockey: Mickie Ditko
Owner: Nikita626 Resident

Horse: LA Occams Razor
Jockey: BeauRiver Resident
Owner: Nikita626 Resident

Horse: LA High Butterfly
Jockey: DarkSunflowerAlt Resident
Owner: Nikita626 Resident



The air was filled with expectations and possibilities as the horses loaded the gates. A seasons culmination of accomplishments from selective breeding, training, time trials, and finding the right bond with a jockey.

Spectators packed the grandstand watch and see the race that will prove to be like no other.


As the gates sprung open the horses bolted forward. Quick out of the gate, trying to get to the inside rail, and generating the pace.

aBC - Awesome Breed Creations

The beginning of the race was very tight. It was unclear who would take the race. A jockey has to be able to change their strategies with the changing dynamic of the race and track.

The crowd cheered as the horses passed in front of the grandstands. You could here them yell out the names of their favorite!

aBC - Awesome Breed Creations

Around the turn the jockeys started to make bold moves and take chances. There was some bumping and negotiating their moves without getting caught up in grid lock. Casualties were inevitable in this caliber of a race and with the high stakes.

aBC - Awesome Breed Creations


After the final turn you could see the field separate and room was created for anyone to take advantage of and bring it home. Jockey Mickie Ditko took the lead on LA Decembers Child and crossed the finish line in the lead.

The field fought hard as reflected in the disqualifications. DQ’s are a sign of the fight and drive of the jockeys and horses the efforts to fulfill the dream of being an ABC Crown Cup Winner.

ABC is proud of all the qualifiers and winners of the Crown Cup. They will take their place in history to follow in the path of those that came before them.

Congratulations again for a race worthy of going down in the history books of ABC – Awesome Breed Creations.







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