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ABC 2014 Winter Crown Cup Events!

Leading up to the Crown Cups Events the Official Tracks will host events and fun filled contests for the community to enjoy and participate in.

The ABC Track had a Mule decorating contest. Here are the winners and images of their fantastic mule entries!

1st Place - Morgan Vellhi
1st Place – Morgan Vellhi
2nd Place - Briegette Resident
2nd Place – Briegette Resident
3rd Place - Octavia Loordes
3rd Place – Octavia Loordes

The community came together for a concert… Pink Floyd rawked the track!

Pink Floyd Rockshoppe
Pink Floyd Rockshoppe

It was an amazing week for the ABC 2014 Winter Crown Cup! It was an amazing year of racing in 2013 and things are going to be shaken up for the next Crown Cups. There are changes to the years programming with additional Crown Cups… more info to come!










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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil