ABC & Relay For Life – 2013 Magic of Christmas Breedable Fair

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It is that time of year and ABC is supporting Relay For Life for the 2013 Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair. Come join us at our exhibit and help support this amazing charity.

RFL 2013 Magic of Christmas LM:


ABC “RFL Wish 2013”

ABC "RFL Wish 2013"  Charity Horse (Oldenburg)
ABC “RFL Wish 2013” Charity Horse (Oldenburg)

The ABC Horse Design this year is an Oldenburg and the coat is “RFL Wish 2013”. The horse is 8000 L$. The horse will be for sale from Dec 1, 2013 to Dec 15, 2013 at the expo. In addition, there are also donation kiosks around the venue if you would like to donate to the RFL separately from the horse.


Naughty & Nice Gift: 【ツ】

The ABC “Naughty & Nice” gift is located in our exhibit area. Click the present to see if you are naughty or nice. If you are nice ☺ you will receive a free gift. If you are naughty ☹ you may check back later to see if Santa changed his mind!


Third Annual Breedable Collectors Auction – OOAK

ABC "RFL Magic 2013" (Oldenburg) OOAK Auction Horse
ABC “RFL Magic 2013” (Oldenburg) OOAK Auction Horse

ABC is participating in the Third Annual Breedable Collectors Auction with a OOAK. The coat design is the “RFL Magic 2013” on an Oldenburg.

There will be a silent auction on the items starting Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 and ending at Midnight on Saturday, Dec 7, 2013. This will aid in the LIVE portion of the auction on Sunday, Dec 8, 2013. The highest bid from the Silent Auction will be the starting bid for the Live Auction. All interested bidders must pre-register to take part in the LIVE bidding!

See you at the Expo!!!

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil