2013 Toys for Tots Breedable Expo & Fair Opens…


As we approach the holiday season, it’s once again time to show how much the Second Life Community cares.

This year Toys for Tots is hosting a Breedables Fair & Expo, filled with many amazing SL creators and entertainment. It only takes 500L$ to provide a child with a toy for Christmas. This is the 5th year that the Toys for Tots organization have been active within Second Life. Toys for Tots have been providing children with toys since 1947 and have been run by the United States Marine Core since its beginnings.

Many of Second Life’s top breedable companies will be at this expo selling Limited Edition Items, with all the sales going directly to Toys for Tots. The Expo will be held on 2 sims (donated by ABC) that are connected to the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations main sim, to the best of our knowledge this is the first time various breedable companies have come together on the home sim of a breedable company. We applaud all of the participating breedable companies for joining forces for such a worthy cause, and hope that this is the beginning of a new tradition for the Toys for Tots Organization.

This year for Toys for Tots ABC will be releasing a new breed the Rocky Mountain Horse. As always the coat and eyes will be able to pass through the blood line. However with this new release we will be mixing things up a bit, at some point in time we will be adding the Rocky Mountain Horse to the gene pool. The Toys for Tot coat and eye will NEVER be in the gene pool though.

Along with all the great breedable companies there will also be some awesome non-breedable companies at the expo selling items for Toys for Tots as well as 4 auctions and many amazing SL Entertainers.

The Expo sims will open at 12:00pm SLT November 20th and will close at 10:00pm SLT on November 24th.

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