Introducing the ABC Love Notes 2018 Horse!

Love is in the air… ABC is releasing this amazing piece of art with this beauty. A perfect “Love Note” for the ones you love!

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Breed: Brandenburger
Coat: Love Notes 2018
Eye: Love Notes 2018
Cost: L$6000 – 1 random male or female

**Note: Coat and eye will pass through bloodline only.

Available at the ABC Main Shop.

An amazing coat to add to your ABC Collection!

Horse: Brandenburger

The Brandenburger is a well-balanced horse with a lively temperament, an easy to get along with character, and is known for being energetic with little tendency to nervousness.

The typical height is 16.1 hands. They have medium size heads, well-set necks with long and straight backs. They are very muscled with strong legs. The most common color is bay, and they usually have dark markings on the ankles and legs; sometimes with a white marking on the forehead.

Horse breeding was first mentioned in documents in the Brandenburg March in the 15th century although at that point, there was not a uniform or standardized breed.

The development of the modern Brandenburger sport horse during the mid-20th century was achieved by utilizing Trakehners, Hanoveranians and English Thoroughbreds. The national and state stud of Neustadt/Dosse, which was founded by King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1788, had substantial influence on the development of the Brandenburger


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Infinity "Snow" Breil