ABC – Mothers Day 2020 Cupcakes Food & Shells

Mother’s Day is coming… Sunday, May 10th 2020!!!!!

Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.

— unknown

Thankfully our horses & ponies do come with manuals, and those manuals say to feed them!! So this year give your Mother the gift that keeps on giving, but doesn’t increase the number on the scale….


As a bonus feature ABC Cupcakes have ZERO calories for Mom… she wont gain an ounce, but her stable will look great and her horses and ponies will be well fed!! What other company is looking out for you, providing the best Mother’s Day gifts on the grid?!?!? Remember Mom (and her waistline) for Mother’s Day this year, ABC is bringing us “Mother’s Day 2020 Cupcakes” Designer Shells.


These extraordinarily designed shells are collectible and will be great accents to your (or your Mother’s, yeah we all know about SL families) stable, corral, or where ever you have your horses and ponies. The shells come in two options:

Food Shell Pack that comes with 1 – Hay, 1 – Alfalfa, and 1- Salt ONLY (L$475)

Food Shells ONLY – empty shells to be used with your consumable account (L$275) – these are for SHELLS ONLY. You must already have the food/salt in your account for the shells to activate.

As a second BONUS…

We will also have the past Mothers Day Shells and Food combos out for sale. If you weren’t with ABC when we first sold these, you’re gonna want to get them!! They are still some of our most popular shell sets!!


or on SL Market Place so you can gift them to another!