ABC is Joining the Spring 2019 Twisted Hunt!

ABC is participating in the Spring 2019 Twisted Hunt.

There will be trials, challenges and radical fun. ABC has created the most stunning starters for the hunt.


Dates: March 1st – March 31st

Starting point:


Details for the hunt


Twisted Hunt Divine

Spring 2019 Twisted is March 1st to March 31st,  2019! We hope you enjoy yourselves and find it challenging.

Our theme for our 21st biannual Twisted Hunt is Divine!

How many hunts have there been targeting the cute, the sweet, the fluffy, and even kids? Plenty – and it’s time those of us who like more… well, twisted… things have a hunt of our very own. So here it is …

The Twisted Hunt will be a month-long, grid-wide treasure hunt featuring some of the best, most talented, and most twisted designers on the grid. Sure, there will be plenty of fashion – but  by all that is unholy, there will also be sex! and blood! and everything else that isn’t polite or publicly acceptable!

By the way, be on the lookout for Twisted Easels along the way, when you see one it’s a sign that  the merchant has extra fun for you of some kind! Click them to get a notecard with information! Not all  merchants will have one but the stuff you learn in them can lead to lots of extra cool prizes for you!

For any Hunt issues, questions, concerns, or compliments contact: Rox Arten, Twisted Organizer

If you need hints or wanna join the conversation the group is the place to be:

Twisted Hunt




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