ABC – Whats Happening Now – Fall / Winter 2018!

The air is turning crisp and there are a lot of things going on currently! We wanted to send out a quick reminder.

ABC has the Oktoberfest Shells, Halloween Optional Accessories, and the 7th Anniversary Horse are still available on the ABC Main SIM. Make sure to get them while you can for your collection before they are picked up.

Check the calendar for auctions, racing, and classes!

Auctions: We have many auctions a week for you to sell your horses and ponies. Now that summer and back to school have passed it is time to start focusing on getting those entries in.

Racing: You still have time to qualify for the Crown Cup and to start planning for the next one. The general races and qualifying races are on Thursday – Sunday.

Classes: We have a wide range of classes and training to help you with becoming an Auctioneer, Jockey, and developing your breeding and skills working with the breedables. Check the ABC website for details and keep an eye on announcements in the ABC Main Chat Group.

Have Fun!



Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil