ABC Grand Championship Pony 2017-2018

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

ABC Congratulates the Winner of the ABC Grand Championship Pony Show 2017 – 2018… “Moorland Mist ~TKR~” (Dales Pony) Owned by Wulf Falconer.

This years ABC Grand Championship Pony Show was a gathering of stellar breeds and regalia. The ponies had to place top in their breed throughout the year in order to get a spot in the ABC Grand Championship. Each owner spent a great deal of time getting their outfits together and breeding the best traits to not only represent the breed but to show off their skill of breeding in unique combinations. The riders have to demonstrate their control maneuvering over the course.

The scores are combined from the course and the breed vanity traits to determine which pony will take home the top award and join the ranks of previous winners.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Judges: Ms Fern Sabre and Ms Infinity Breil

Breed Qualifiers

Marilyn Monroe (Highland) – Owner: AaronMarinus Resident

Winky Twinkletoes (Lundy) – Owner: AaronMarinus Resident

MG Lady of the Dark Dragon (Welsh) – Owner: SweetAmethystiris Resident

Moonlit Night (New Forest) – Owner: AaronMarinus Resident

Dark Lily TKR (Kerry Bog) – Owner: Esmerelda Kleiner

Bountiful Silver (New Forest) – Owner: AaronMarinus Resident

Forever and a Day (Exmoor) – Owner: AaronMarinus Resident

MG Amour (French Saddle) – Owner: Deargleomhan Resident

Moorland Mist TKR (Dales) – Wulf Falconer

RS Gwynfor (Welsh) – Owner: Reachtail Resident

CX Seamus (Highland) – Owner: Ayla Guisse

CX Greeny (Falabella) – Owner: Ayla Guisse



Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil