ABC Releases Mehndi 2017 Designer Starters

Aybeeseeurs look at the spectacular artistic Mehndi 2017 Designer Starters that was released by ABC – Awesome Breed Creations.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Summer is here!! Time to hit the beaches and go on family trips. Summer is also the perfect time for Tie-Dye clothes and body art. With that in mind we proudly present out Mehndi 2017 Designer Starter Horses.

What makes our Designer Starters different you ask? Well first off, they come in a gacha with 7 great colors to win. Then when 2 Designer Starters are bred together, you will receive a special foal with a special coat and eye, sometime during their breeding cycle. This will only happen once per starter, so if you buy a “gently used” Designer Starter from someone else looking for that special baby, you will need to check the history to see if it’s already had one or not.
Also at the end of their life cycle the Designer horses will pet out instead of auto-CR like our “normal” starters do.

So to recap:

• New Mehndi Designer Starters in a Gacha with 7 Awesome coats!
• Mate 2 Mehndi Designer Starters to get the Drum foal with the special Mehndi coat & Eye!
• Each Mehndi Designer Starter will only produce 1 Mehndi Drum foal.
• All other breeding will pull from the gene pool like “normal” starters.
• Mehndi Designer Starters will Pet-Out at age 141.
• Coats on the Mehndi Designer Starters DO NOT pass.
• Use caution when buying the Mehndi Designer Starters on the secondary market IF you are looking to make a Mehndi Drum Foal.
• Have FUN & Happy Breeding!



Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil