NEW-ABC Avian Pegasus

Birds of a feather flock together…
Which is why we want to reveal our latest ABC creation! For your absolute pleasure to behold, the time has come for all of the most vibrant and beautiful birdies to return home from the cold months of winter.
We will be offering not one, but two very special coats depending on whether you select male or female. That’s right! You get to select the gender upon purchase. Don’t wait, start your flock now!
✰ Coat, Eyes & Accessories pass ONLY through the bloodline ✰
Breed: Avian_Pegasus (Male)
Coat: Red Cardinal
Eye: Red Cardinal
Race: Sulky
L$6000 Per Horse
Breed: Avian_Pegasus (Female)
Coat: Dusky Cardinal
Eye: Dusky Cardinal
Race: Sulky
L$6000 Per Horse
(Teaser – We will be introducing several new eyes into the gene pool to coincide with this collection!)

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