✰ NEW ABC-Year of the Tiger 2022-Tiger Horse ✰

Let us hear you ROOOOAR with excitement at ABC’s newest release!! ABC is happy to unveil our newest, quite stunning, Tiger Horse. As many of you might know, the Chinese New Year is upon us starting on February 1st 2022.


What an exciting time for a truly unique and remarkable horse!


ABC wishes strength, power and prosperity to one and all, in the spirit of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger.
✰ Coat & Eyes can pass ONLY through the bloodline ✰
Breed: Tiger_Horse
Coat: Year of the Tiger
Eye: Year of the Tiger
Race: Large Flat
L$6000 Per Horse
Random Male or Female
Tiger Horse
Established in 1992, the Tiger Horse is a breed of American horses that finds its root in ancient China. They are known for their remarkable spotted skin patterns much like the Appaloosa, and for their excellent gaits. One of which is coined as the “Indian Shuffle”, a comfortable four-beat riding gait that was prized by cowboys who would pay good money for a “Shuffler.” .
Tiger Horses are thought to have been named based upon the unique and beautiful spotted coats which presented like that of a leopard. But because the ancient Chinese did not have a word for leopard, they named the breed after a tiger instead.
Other sources indicate that they believe the the breed name originated from the French and Spanish name of “Tigre”. What everyone can agree upon however is that the Tiger Horse is an ancient breed, once used to hunt Siberian Tigers and which originated on the Steppes of Asia, the Don region of Russia, near the China border.



Chinese New Year – Year of the Tiger 2022 starts from February 1st, 2022, and ends on January 21st, 2023.

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