✰ ABC-Galiceno Pony ✰

Brace yourselves ABC! We’re releasing something wonderful and new, like nothing you’ve seen before and with your support, we are giving back to the real world of critically endangered horse & pony breeds!

For the first time ever, we are bringing not 1… but 2 gorgeous little ponies that will come to you as a set. Not only will you get two beautiful little Galiceno Ponies to love and call your very own, but you’re going to be helping us help them.

That’s right! Half of the profit, from sales of the Galiceno Ponies, will be donated to the Galicenos of Suwannee Horse Ranch. There will also be a donation kiosk if you would like to donate directly. The Galicenos of Suwannee Horse Ranch is dedicated to preserving the Galiceno, a Critically Endangered Heritage Breed. They currently have 37 out of less than 100 worldwide of these incredibly rare and nearly extinct beauties.

Please join us as we celebrate and work to protect this small horse known most characteristically by its gentle demeanor and loving ways. Because of its small size, it is often categorized as a pony and we have chosen to release it as a pony.

✰ Coat & Eyes pass ONLY through the bloodline ✰
Breed: Galiceno Pony
Coat: Fiesta de la Cactus
Eye: Talavera Verde
Race: Flat

Breed: Galiceno Pony
Coat: Fiesta de la Pimienta
Eye: Talavera Terracotta
Race: Flat

Accessories: Saddle Cloth & Sombrero

L$10,000 Per Pair
Random Male or Female

Please Note: These do NOT make a special foal

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Galiceno Pony – “A Small Horse with a Big Heart.”

Galiceños are very rare, fewer than 100 remaining and many of those not in breeding situations. Galiceños have a unique genetic composition and their closest relative, the primitive Garranos of the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) are also rare. Galiceños are of special historical significance being the descendants of the first horses brought to the mainland of North America. Galiceños are very intelligent, personable, have a very gentle nature, tremendous stamina and are hardy and fairly disease resistant. Galiceños are versatile, have excellent cow sense, show well in Western events as well as English dressage and Hunter/Jumper. On the trail, they have tremendous stamina and, despite their small size, can carry a full-size adult all day. They readily take to driving. On a small farm, they certainly can pull a plow or wagon. [Galicenos of Suwannee Horse Ranch]

Extinction, is Forever.



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