«♦» ABC Summer Cup Fibromyalgia Charity Auction 2013 Raises 316,588L$ «♦»


The ABC Community, Auction Houses, and Auctioneers came together with the ABC Team to put on an event that was a huge success.


The Auction Houses got together with their clients and donated amazing horses to be auctioned by their Auctioneer. This gave the community the opportunity to experience several of the Auction Houses in one auction. We had raffle boards with donated horses and a Deep South Chopper motorcycle (with an original paint job).

DarWarpaintAppaloosaABC Owners surprised everyone with an addition to the auction, a Warpaint Appaloosa which is not currently in the gene pool but eventually will be. That fact made this a coveted horse and broke the Auction Sales Record with a final bid of 200,000L$.

To further show how amazing the community is there were several individual donations made to the kiosk to support Fibromaylgia.

Not only did we almost cap out the sim capacity with 93 people but within approximately 2 hours, as a group, we raised 316,588.

Everyone had a great time and supported the Fibromyalgia Association.

Congratulations Everyone that made the charity auction such a success and a special thank you to the ABC Team that put this event together you all did a fantastic job!

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\\ //, <(*_*)> live long and prosper
*** ok so I could not resist… ***
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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil