♥ ♡ ABC Community Let’s it’s Heart Shine ♥ ♡

The ABC – Awesome Breed Creations community has always shown how big its heart is every year when we release our Charity Horses. Tonight our community showed how much it will pull together to help one of our own.

Recently Nahtasha Uriza, the General Manager for ABC, and her family have fallen into some significant difficulty. Naht’s husband was taken to the emergency room at the local hospital after a car accident. In evaluating him, the hospital found a significant medical problem and transported him in the middle of the night to the large regional medical center two hours from where they live. He needed a team of very specialized physicians and surgeons. Fortunately, he is home and recovering from his surgery but will need on-going medical care for the foreseeable future. Naht’s husband was the primary income for the family.

On Sunday, November 9th 2014 a fund raising auction was held at the ABC Auction House & Track. All the horses were donated to hold this auction. We ended up auctioning 40 horses; our community is so great we actually had to turn horses away as we had over 60 horses offered. The attendance at the auction was also incredible we averaged between 40-65 people throughout the 2 3/4 hour long event. Extra funds were also raised from paying the auctioneers to stop and even start singing. One highlight of the night was Kazoo doing her rendition of “Cuz I’m a Blonde”.

By the end of the auction 333770L$ (Aprox 1300.00 USD) was raised to help Naht and her family. AcheronDaniel and Kazoo Cooljoke both donated their time to act as auctioneers for this amazing event.

Many members of the ABC Community come out in support of Naht and her family.
Many members of the ABC Community come out in support of Naht and her family.

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