☘Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ABC☘

We are super excited to present some Irish Luck 2022 to brighten your barn yards and stables. Like them burly and thick? We’ve got just what you need! Want them to be to be wee sized and cute as a button? We’re over-loaded in cuteness with this release! There will be 2 very plush horse starters and 2 adorable pony starters for you all to pick and choose from.

Heck fire, get them all! We wont stop you! In fact we’ve got a DEAL for you. You have 3 different ways to purchase these LUCKY critters…

✦ A single Irish Luck 2022 Horse or Pony – Male or Female only 800L$ each.
✦ A pair of Irish Luck 2022 Horse or Pony – Male and Female only 1500L$.
✦ The complete set of Irish Luck 2022 Horse and Pony – 1 Male & Female pair of each – only 5000L$.

These lovely guys and gals are just perfect for hugs and are just in time for possibly the luckiest day of the year.


✧ Horse Coat: Burly Irish Luck & Jammy Irish Luck
✧ Pony Coat: Shorty Irish Luck & Wee Irish Luck
✦ Eye: Button Irish Luck
✧ Coats, Eye, Mane & Tail on the Irish Luck DO NOT pass.
✧ Irish Luck Starters will Pet-Out at age 141
✦ You cannot Insta-Pet this horse or pony.
✧ No Special baby will come from these starters

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