☘ NEW ABC – Green Celtic – Carolina Marsh Tacky ☘

Luck and Legends… the two L’s that go hand in hand for this beautiful Green Celtic.

You’ve got horseshoes and clovers, pots of gold too… symbols of luck that in the past we have brought to you. Never however, have we provided such a lucky horse as this… not only is this one painted with love and dressed in its Celtic best… we’ve added a challenge with a clue below so you won’t have to guess.
This Celtic lovely, ornate in greens and golds, is the Carolina Marsh Tacky. ABC’s newest addition, sure to brighten your barns and fields.
Breed: Carolina Marsh Tacky
Coat: Green Celtic
Eye: Green Celtic
Race: Small Flat
L$6000 Per Horse
Random Male or Female
Click Here for a TP to the Main Shop!

ABC Celtic Legendary Horse Contest

To get started you will need 1 Green Celtic Horse, which will be on sale for a limited time in the ABC Main Store. This horse can be bred with the horse of your choice for a chance at breeding all four necessary coats. Black Celtic, White Celtic, Copper Celtic & Gold Celtic
✪ Anyone can complete the contest by breeding or obtaining all four coats with the required traits.
✪ Claim your quest badge here *Teleport to Quest Board* to get credit for each color!
✪ Each ID can only be claimed ONCE. Please check “horse details” page of a horse for sale to be sure it hasn’t been used in the quest before buying in markets, auctions or bid boards.
✪ Once you make all 4 colors and claim your quest badges for each, you must file a ticket to claim your Legendary.
✪ No Pets.
✪ First 2 people to obtain all coats: wins 2 Celtic Legendaries! – Racing & Vanity Versions
✪ Additional Winners: wins 1 Celtic Legendary of your choice, Racing OR Vanity

Let the breeding begin, and good luck!

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