It’s time… THE ABC SUMMER SEMI-FINAL is here. This puts us right on track for our SECOND Semi-Annual ABC Crown Cup!

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following Horses and their Owners for qualifying for the Summer Season Crown Cup Semi-finals. The top 10 finishing times from this race and the SPRING Semi-Final will move on to Race in the Second Semi-Annual ABC Crown Cup. In addition the Purse for this Semi-Final race will be 50,000L$!

ABC Racing has come a long way and we are seeing the rewards for all the hard work. Not only by ABC Owners and the ABC Staff but the ABC Community.

Summer Semi-Final has been scheduled for July 14, 2013 at Dixieland Downs Racetrack at 5p SLT RACE # 1.

The qualifiers are (in no particular order):

♞Bernborough (Owner: Raven Bechir)

♘Equinox (RY) (Owner: Morgan Vellhi)

♞CF Flash Gordon (Owner: Starra Resident)

♘ CF Windchaser(Owner: MichaelCunnigham Resdent)

♞ Call Me Maybe ~WB~ (Owner: Raven Bechir)

♘TULKU Ajax (Owner: krandell Resident)

♞Glacial Wind (Owner: Amethyst Paule)

♘TULKU Starz (Owner: krandell Resident)

♞CF Oriana (Owner: CunnighamFarms Resident)

♘Redneck Cruiser ~WH~ (Owner: Raven Bechir)

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil